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Umpire Information


Umpire  Information

Parent volunteers are trained to be umpires by District Little League personnel. They give their time to ensure games are administered safely and fairly to the best of their abilities. Parents and spectators need to bear in mind that these umpires do their best to be fair and impartial while umpiring Little League games. Remember, without them there is no game! If you are willing to umpire, let your coach know.

Our Little League District will have two types of MANDATORY classes for Umpires - an Advance Class and a Beginners Class.

The beginners' class is for umpires in their first two years of umpiring. This level will have a three hour rules class and a three hour field class, for a total of six hours. You must attend the 6 hours of classes for two straight years before you can go to the advance level.

The Advance class is for umpires who have umpired a minimum of two years in Little League and have successfully attended two years of beginners classes. This level has a mandatory three hour class that will focus more on the field mechanics than the classroom. You must attend the classes to be certified.

If an umpire attends an approved umpire regional clinic, they will be given a one year exception, before they need to attend another certification class. FOR AAA AND BELOW WE ENCOURAGE AT LEAST 3-4 PARENTS TO ATTEND THE UMPIRE CLINICS -- MAKE IT FUN, SHARE THE DUTIES. 

Umpires need to attend both a rules clinic and a mechanics clinic. We will hand out certification cards at the mechanics clinics. If you have any questions about NVLL umpiring or would like to become one contact NVLL UIC Glen Hogin.

Why YOU Should Become a Little League Umpire

  • Be involved with your child’s activity, it's important to your kid! (and maybe your spouse too). 
  • Without an umpire, there can be no game. 
  • Minimal Time Obligation: (great for interested parties with minimal time to commit) Show up before game time Run the game Go Home. 
  •  No time invested in team parent & player communication & co-ordination. 
  • The Coaches do not run the game, the Umpire does.
  • If you know the game of baseball, and like the game, you’ll learn the game better and enjoy it more. 
  • If you don’t know the game of baseball, you’ll learn it well (most relevant if your child is in Rookies). 
  • Fun and interesting to get to know a lot of the kids as they step to the plate and get into the batter’s box. 
  • It’s the best seat in the house to watch a baseball game. 
  • Pair up with parents/friends on the same team, to share the job: 3 people, translates into each only having to handle 4-5 games TOTAL. 
  • There's no gender requirement, it's an equal opportunity position. 
  • Umpires are a protected species by the organizers of Little League. 
  • You will learn a million enjoyable ways to deal with the very rare loud, ignorant and obnoxious spectator.