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Nampa Valley Little League

Minors AAA Division

Minors AAA Division

The NVLL AAA Minors Division is more competitive than Minors AA baseball.  Minors AAAs teams will be selected from the draft.  All players age 9 to 11 years old, wishing to be considered for AAA Minors, must attend player assessments.  

MINORS AAA DIVISION:  The player at this level has attained solid baseball knowledge and skills. Pitching will have no coach intervention. Base running, hitting, and fielding will be more aggressive in nature than the AA level. The playing of different positions will continue at this level, although some specialization may occur. Continuous batting order is in effect in the AAA division. The board would like to see playing time be as fair as possible, but it may not be equal. There will be an end-of-season tournament and the players in the AAA Minors division will be eligible to try out for the Nampa Valley Little League All Star tournament teams that can compete up to the state level.

PLAYER ASSESSMENT:  Assessment is required. The assessments are used to determine the level of play (Minors AA and AAA, Majors). Priority will be given to 10 and 11 year-olds for AAA Minors. The teams are formed by draft.

REGULAR SEASON:  In AAA Minors you begin to see the talent really coming out in the kids; this is the third year of pitching, and it is fun to watch. The AAA Minor League provides increased competition, teamwork and skill level that players will develop to progress toward the Major division. AAA Minor League players will fine-tune their skills and develop teamwork to prepare them for the Major division.  AAA Minor teams will play interleague games with teams from other Little Leagues in the valley.